Slot Die Coating Equipment

Precision Slot Die Coating Equipment

BARS Precision, Inc., has been designing and building slot die coating equipment for the thin-film industry since 1992. Our laboratory-scale products are proven to efficiently provide high-quality, scalable coatings for a variety of applications, from flat panel display technology to medical, lighting, optical and fuel-cell research.

When you need precise, repeatable coatings at a reasonable cost, choose a BARS Coater.

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The Right Solution For Your Coating Needs

Ideally Suited for R&D

FH Coater

Designed for research and development as well as low-volume production, our slot die coating equipment can achieve viable coatings when only small amounts of a sample solution are available. The results obtained can easily be scaled up to run on high-volume production equipment.

Organic Solution Capable


A laminar flow fume hood is standard, depending on the system model selected. The electronics inside our slot die coating equipment equipped with a laminar flow fume hood are hazardous duty rated and are capable of both aqueous and organic solvent coating.

Custom Precision Pumps

DDP and SP pumps

Our unique pump designs are sturdy enough to handle high viscosity solutions (up to 2000 cps), but are refined enough to eliminate the chatter evident when using more traditional pumping systems. Options include coating solution temperature control and continuous stirring.

System Features

Tilting Die Head

Our unique tilting die assembly allows air to be purged from the feed line and slot die cavity without loss of die positioning or coating height, as well as a convenient maintenance position for easy die dis-assembly.

Computer Controls

Coating operations are controlled from an included workstation featuring our custom software. Coating routines can be saved and recalled with the click of a button.

Precision Ground Platen

Available in granite or hard-coated aluminum, our vacuum-equipped platens can handle rigid or flexible substrates. Temperature control is available on aluminum models.

Get More Than Just a Machine


BARS Precision, Inc., has been designing and building slot die coating equipment for the thin film industry since 1992.


Quality coatings can be produced with as little as 15 mL of coating solution. Customers have reported dry-down coatings as thin as 20 nanometers, and as thick as 100 microns.


Our equipment can be used with both aqueous and organic solutions, in a variety of viscosities. The slot die height is easily adjustable in .0001 inch (.001 mm) increments.


Dry-down thickness can be uniform to within 3%, depending on solution and substrate. An integrated granite base dampens vibrations (availability varies by model).